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Complete waste concrete crushing and recycling production line to realize the reuse of waste concrete
Concrete is an important raw material in the construction industry. It can be mixed with sand, clay, water and other raw materials to form a building material with high hardness. It is widely used. Although concrete is easy to use, with the reconstruction of the city and the demolition of old buildings, How to reproduce a large amount of waste concrete produced is a headache for people now.

The complete waste concrete crushing and recycling production line is a crushing production line developed for the nature of waste concrete. This production line can effectively realize the recycling of waste concrete resources, save resources and reduce costs, and also contribute to green environmental protection production.
Complete set of waste concrete crushing and recycling production line equipment
The complete waste concrete crushing and recycling production line is mainly composed of feeding equipment—crushing equipment—cleaning equipment—conveying equipment, etc. The details of the equipment are as follows:

Feeding equipment—Vibrating feeder is also called feeding machine. Its existence mainly distributes waste concrete uniformly and quantitatively to the feeding port of the crusher. Because it is continuous and uniform, it can effectively avoid large amount and uneven feeding. Causing the blockage;

Crushing equipment—Crushing equipment is divided into coarse and medium and fine broken. The required configuration is different due to different needs. For example, the common coarse crushing equipment is jaw crusher, which has high crushing strength, large crushing ratio and hardness in crushing. Larger waste concrete is very calm, and due to long history and low cost, the equipment market is cheap. The common medium and fine crushing equipment is a cone crusher, which adopts the principle of laminating crushing and multi-point control of independent thin oil lubrication system. In the medium and fine crushing processing of waste concrete, not only the high yield, but also the lubrication of the bearing double Protection, the life of the body is long, and the failure rate is low.

Cleaning equipment—The sand washing machine mainly cleans the finely divided waste concrete particles to remove impurities covering the surface.
Conveying equipment—Conveyor is a bridge of waste concrete moving between various equipments. It has a simple structure, large conveying capacity and low failure rate.